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Know and Influence How Your Customers Behave, Not Just Who They Are

Are you ready for the future of retail?


in gross margins
when implementing
machine learning

The rise of digital and omni-channel retail creates massive opportunities to increase top-line revenues and optimize operational costs by predicting each individual shopper’s likely behavior.

Arimo Behavioral AI™ gives companies a way to utilize big data to understand how your business and your critical assets behave over time. Retailers have seen up to 3–8% improvements in gross margins and the potential for Billions of dollars in new revenue by applying behavioral analytics to their data.

Arimo's highlighted customer With Arimo Behavioral AI™, one of the country’s largest department stores can better predict and understand its customers’ buying interests.

Purchase Behavioral Prediction

Arimo Behavioral AI™ monitors the actions of an online shopper’s click-by-click web activity to predict her next actions and her overall probability of purchase.

Behavioral AI gives the you the opportunity to automatically understand and influence customer activity. It offers appropriate individualized incentives and product recommendations to maximize the total value of the customer.

Behavioral-Based Sales Prediction

Use Machine Learning to develop stronger, more reliable, and more granular sales forecast models for retail locations.

Arimo Behavioral AI™ is designed to predict down to the individual sku level and help companies understand the implications of marketing activity, regional events, economic changes, and even changes in weather. Models help store managers better manage staffing and inventory levels.

  • Product Recommendation

    Monitor browsing and purchase behaviors to learn each shopper’s true preferences, thereby enhancing sales conversion rates.

  • Inventory Optimization

    Predict demand for various Product SKUs at different locations. Optimize inventory levels to free up capital and real estate.

  • Customer Segmentation

    Behavioral AI can segment shoppers by actual, actionable behavioral patterns, not by high-level demographic categorization.