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Machine Learning for the Industry 4.0 Era

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in gross margins
when implementing
machine learning

Disruptions causing a new era in manufacturing include the rise in data volumes, increased computational power, connectivity, and the emergence of advanced analytics. But only 48% of companies in this industry consider themselves ready to adapt to this change.

Arimo Behavioral AI™ helps companies utilize big data to understand how your business and your critical assets behave over time. Manufacturers have seen up to 30% improvements in gross margins and the potential for Billions of dollars in new revenue by applying behavioral analytics to their data.

Arimo's highlighted customer Panasonic is one of the largest product manufacturers in the world, comprised of 473 companies and employing over 260,000 people. It is a global provider of comprehensive solutions for businesses as well as consumers.

Individual Asset Downtime Monitoring

A global industrial manufacturer identified high variability in their output quality, costing over $500M per year in losses. Traditional statistical methods were unable to identify the causes of these issues. In contrast, Arimo Behavioral AI™ does not rely on traditional statistical modeling to predict root causes, but rather it utilizes artificial intelligence that lets a predictive model learn from the past behavior of the equipment designing products like these.

Because of this innovative application of AI technology, Arimo’s solution is able to identify complex anomalies, resulting in significant savings and real time issue identification.

Automatic Machine Tuning Services

Arimo Behavioral AI™ is automating the tuning process of large-scale refrigeration units. In doing so, a global brand will be able to increase their services offering to their customers, reduce maintenance and setup costs, optimize energy consumption, and much more.

Arimo’s AI Platform gives companies like this a way to take advantage of IoT data and turn it into lasting, high margin business value.

Predictive Service Offering for Customers

By better understanding how machines operate and where, Arimo has been able to better inform companies how their products are being used so that companies can optimize product features for their customers.

For a leading equipment provider, Arimo’s solution helped them understand how their machines operated, under what conditions, and where these machines were likely to malfunction. Predictive maintenance of this sort will change how machines are utilized and increase their reliability.

  • Behavioral-driven Predictive Maintenance

    Predict when machines will go down with greater accuracy

  • Machine Automation & Optimization

    Let the machines signal how they are optimized and maintained

  • Automatic Product Defect Detection

    Automatically find the drivers in downtime and poor quality

  • Data-driven R&D

    Understand how customers want to better use your products or find the innovative trends in your market

  • Productization of Data

    Turn your under-utilized data into new services or products for your customers

  • Energy Optimization

    Assess one machine or an entire environment to optimize settings and run-time for reducing energy consumption