Arimo Behavioral AI™ For

Financial Services

Quickly Find Signals and Anomalies in Large Scale Transactional Data

Valuable insights are hidden in large scale transactional data


average amount of data that is unused in financial institutions

Valuable insights are hidden in large scale transactional data.

Arimo Behavioral AI™ models this sequential data and provides prescriptive information for your business. These uncovered patterns are extremely predictive of previously undiscoverable insights or anomalies, from better understanding your customers to identifying fraud or abnormal behavior.

Arimo's highlighted customer As one of the world’s largest exchanges, Nasdaq continues to be the leading technology, trading and intelligence provider to the capital markets.

Behavioral Micro Segmentation

Arimo Behavioral AI™ automatically summarizes financial behaviors into clusters without the need for manual discovery and labelling. This grouping is based on how entities act over time, not solely on their demographics.

Asset Behavioral Predictions

Utilize Arimo Behavioral AI™ to find signals and drivers that are leading indicators of future behavior. By assessing entity behavior in the past and how it acts over time, financial institutions can much more accurately predict future behavior and invest resources accordingly.

  • Fraud Detection

    Fraud Detection

    Analyze huge pools of real-time transaction to identify and flag potential fraud

  • Risk Modeling

    Risk Modeling

    Monitor financial behaviors over time to estimate risk such as liquidity shortfall and bankruptcy

  • Behavioral Lead Scoring

    Behavioral Lead Scoring

    Utilize machine learning techniques to develop a highly accurate lead scoring system for your organization