The Most Innovative Ideas


  • Strata + Hadoop World, NYC 2015

    First-ever Scalable, Distributed Deep Learning Architecture using Spark and Alluxio

  • O'Reilly AI Conference, NYC 2016

    Deeply Active Learning: Approximating Human Learning with Smaller Datasets

  • Cloudera Wrangler Conference, 2016

    Seeing Behaviors as Humans Do׃ Uncovering Hidden Patterns in Time Series Data with Deep Networks

  • Strata + Hadoop World, Singapore 2015

    How to Tell Compelling Data Stories: Why Stories are Still Important in a Data-driven World

  • Spark Summit, San Francisco 2016

    Automatic Features Generation And Model Training On Spark: A Bayesian Approach

  • Spark Summit, San Francisco CA 2016

    TheCUBE Interview - Spark Summit 2016


  • Why Businesses Should Pay Attention to Deep Learning

    Christopher Nguyen and Ben Lorica chat about Deep Learning on time-series data: why it matters and how best to embrace it. Learn how we help customers across industries charge ahead with Deep Learning. You’ll also get overviews of innovation in China and advancements in Artificial Intelligence.

  • What You Must Know About Big Data, Machine Learning & Deep Learning

    Christopher Nguyen shares the evolution of Hadoop and Spark, the reason why we want to make machine learning a property of every application; as well as how Arimo is making data intelligence accessible for everyone.


  • Strata + Hadoop World, Beijing China 2016
  • AI Conference, NYC 2016
  • Spark Summit East, NYC 2016