The Collaborative Whiteboard for Analytics

Speak Business
Natural Language

Customizable grammar makes it easy to ask questions using your business vocabulary. Just start typing and SmartQuery helps you construct the right questions.

Look into
the Future

Leverage machine learning capabilities to deliver predictive models. Predictive insights are available at your finger-tips using SmartQuery on predictive models.

Collaborate with
Data Scientist

Arimo knows your business is unique. Your data scientists can develop new predictive insights and share as a new SmartQuery. Ad-hoc analysis in R, Python or SQL can be dropped into a Code Window and shared in a Narrative for a real-time collaborative analysis.

Visualize Data
in SmartCharts

Ask a question, get an answer that makes sense. SmartQuery selects the best type of chart or output to deliver insights. If needed, choose a different chart, filter or annotate the result to tell exactly the right story.

Share Your Thought Process

Narratives allow you to record and share your analysis process in detail for others to follow and build upon.

Experience The Power
of All Your People and Data Working Together

Insight requires data in the right form. Connect to internal or cloud data sources, blend and transform your data with visual data blending tools.

Data sources

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