Congratulations on Flink 1.0!

Arimo’s Predictive Intelligence Apps is Flink-Ready.

Congratulations to the Flink team on reaching Release 1.0 today! It’s an impressive milestone and a tribute to their hard work and vision.

Arimo has been following Flink for some time and we were quick to leverage our Distributed DataFrame (DDF) technology to deliver the first interactive analytics app running on Flink. We first demonstrated integration of Flink in cooperation with Google Cloud Platform in November 2015.

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It’s exciting to see Flink mature and achieve the 1.0 milestone. In-memory distributed computing with Flink addresses the challenges of gracefully and powerfully handling streaming data. In addition, Flink offers a strong batch processing environment, as well as sophisticated graph processing. Predictive and prescriptive analytics on streaming data are rapidly becoming critical business functions in the IoT world and Flink is an important building block to solving high value business problems that depend on streaming data.

Arimo’s core Distributed DataFrame (DDF) technology is designed to integrate diverse compute engines and data sources including Apache Spark, Google DataProc and now Flink to deliver predictive analytics on big data. With Arimo-on-Flink 1.0, predictive intelligence on streaming data is a reality.


Again, congrats to the Flink team!

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