Arimo’s Predictive Intelligence Platform Now Available on Google Cloud Platform

Arimo’s powerful platform accelerates business analytics by leveraging the low cost, scalability and ease of use of Google Cloud Platform

We’re excited to announce that Arimo’s Predictive Intelligence platform for Business Users and Data Scientists now runs on Google Cloud Platform. Arimo has collaborated with Google Cloud Platform to immediately take advantage of its managed Spark and Hadoop service, Google Cloud Platform. With this building block now generally available, Arimo’s Predictive Apps can run on Google Cloud Platform and leverage both Google BigQuery for data and Google Cloud Dataproc for predictive compute. Users of Google Cloud Platform will have access to the state-of-the-art predictive capabilities of a large-scale compute engine behind an easy-to-use, collaborative interface.

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Arimo’s industry first hosted solution on Google Cloud Platform leverages the fully managed, NoOps, low cost analytics database query performance of BigQuery and the scalability and ease of management, speed and per minute billing of Spark on Google Cloud Dataproc to deliver predictive analytics that easily and cost-effectively scale to massive datasets and high end user counts. Data scientists can train models on big data stored in BigQuery and business users can produce predictive insights from BigQuery data themselves, using natural language, without having to be proficient in SQL or Machine Learning.

The value of machine learning and predictive intelligence grows as the volume and diversity of collected data grows. With high volume data, valuable new patterns that aren’t detectable in smaller datasets are more likely to appear. Google Cloud Platform provides a strong foundation to cost-effectively collect and perform processing on massive data sets. Arimo’s Predictive Intelligence platform delivers advanced analytics and predictive apps on big data to teams across the organization, letting business users become self-service analysts. With Google Cloud Platform and Arimo delivering new insights from big data to business users, businesses will make smarter decisions faster.

Visit our Arimo Google Cloud Platform page to learn more.