Sameer Paranjpye, Hadoop pioneer at Yahoo!, Joins Arimo

Former Yahoo! Hadoop leader joins force at rapidly growing data exploration and predictive analytics firm


Arimo, the Data Intelligence for All company, announced today that Sameer Paranjpye, a founding member and leader of the Hadoop project at Yahoo, has joined the company as Vice President of Engineering.

Mr. Paranjpye is an expert in grid computing. He was the first engineering leader of the Hadoop project at Yahoo! in 2005, shipping the initial 20 releases of Hadoop and helping define the technology’s open source ecosystem. Today Hadoop has grown to be the leading platform for storage of massive big data sets. Mr. Paranjpye was also a co-founder of Jybe, a start-up purchased by Yahoo!.

“Big Data technology at most organizations is still very much the province of experts. Spark, Hadoop, the R programming language and machine learning present a steep learning curve to the non-technical business user,” said Paranjpye, “Arimo’s mission to democratize predictive analytics by bringing the expertise of data scientists and engineers to a business-friendly user experience is something I’ve wanted to do since the early days of Hadoop.”

Christopher Nguyen, CEO of Arimo said: “Sameer is a world-class senior engineering leader as well as an entrepreneur. I’m excited that he has chosen to join Arimo. Sameer adds significant strength to our leadership bench and will help us move faster to deliver Big Apps and create more amazing value for our customers.”

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