Algorithms of the Mind

“Science often follows technology, because inventions give us new ways to think about the world and new phenomena in need of explanation.” Or so Aram Harrow, an MIT physics professor, counter-intuitively argues ... Read More

Democratizing Data Intelligence for All

A Major Progress Report By Christopher Nguyen, CEO of Arimo Just as accessibility of the automobile transformed our mobility in the the 20th century, accessibility of data intelligence will transform our minds in ... Read More

2015: The Year of Big Apps

Big Intelligence, from Big Apps on Big Compute on Big Data Technology revolutions play out in familiar patterns. And almost always from the bottom up. Remember Web 1.0? That was about browsers and Javascript and web ... Read More

Big Data 2.0 Has Arrived

Two years ago, we set out on a journey. The hype around Big Data was fast outpacing its tangible business value. Yet, we were at the threshold of a fundamental shift in our industry—just as Web 1.0 was about ... Read More

Why & How We Bet on Apache Spark

In early 2012, a group of engineers with background in distributed systems and machine learning came together to form Arimo. We saw a major unsolved problem in the nascent Hadoop ecosystem: it was largely a storage ... Read More