Predictive Behavioral Intelligence

Learn from past behavior. Predict future actions.
Drive superior business outcomes.

Predict future actions.
Drive superior business outcomes.

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Predictive Behavioral Intelligence

Deep Learning on Time Series

Deep Learning
on Time Series

How much extra sales will you achieve—If you know what each shopper will do in the next 10 clicks?
How much financial fraud can you prevent —If you can automatically identify patterns of suspicious transactions?

Get actionable intelligence in a matter of days with Arimo.

Traditional statistics and machine learning required months of refinements when facing time-series data.
Arimo’s Predictive Behavioral Intelligence (PBI), based on proprietary Distributed Deep Learning architectures, automatically extracts signals from massive, noisy time series.

Let Arimo predict the future in your business. So you can out-compete, increase revenues and reduce costs.

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Ultimate Behavior Prediction Platform

Native. Efficient. Scalable.

  • Native

  • Efficient

  • Scalable

  1. Native Time-series
    Data Modeling
    Massive time-series data is a big headache. With its core temporal modeling capabilities, Arimo’s PBI platform naturally reads the past and present to predict what’s next.

  2. Automatic Pattern Recognition
    with Minimal Feature Engineering
    All we need is your raw data. Our proprietary Deep Learning architectures are configured to automatically capture complex interaction patterns in very high dimensions.

  3. Scalability through
    Optimized Distributed Computing
    We architect the optimal distributed computing clusters for our Deep Learning solutions so that PBI readily works with your terabytes of data.

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Lift Revenue, Optimize Operations

Lift Revenue.
Optimize Operations.

Do you have time series data? Do you want to uncover multi-million-dollar opportunities?
Yes, if you are a financial institution with transaction histories.
Yes, if you are an online business with clickstream logs.
Yes, if you are a manufacturer powerhouse with high-frequency machine sensor data.

Financial Services



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  • Financial Services

    • Fraud & Money-Laundering Detection
    • Order Cancel Rate Prediction
    • Rogue Traders Identification
    • Customers Entity Resolution
    • Financial Behavior Clustering
  • Retail

    • Incentive Recommendation
    • Product Recommendation
    • Inventory Optimization
    • Search Rank Personalization
    • Customer Segmentation
  • Manufacturing

    • Predictive Maintenance
    • Anomaly Detection
    • Fleet Utilization Optimization