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Arimo named World's 10 Most Innovative Companies in Data Science by Fast Company

Along with Google, IBM and others.
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The future of work is

Data Intelligence
for All

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The future of work is

Pervasive Predictive

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The future of work is

Augmented Human

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Point of View

Algorithms of the Mind

What Machine Learning Teaches Us About Ourselves
8 min read

Business Users

Get Answers. Instantly.

  1. Explore Data

  2. Visualize Answers

  3. Predict Outcomes

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Data Scientists

Build & Deploy Models. Effortlessly.

  1. Read Data

  2. Apply Algorithms

  3. Deploy Models

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Data Engineers

Manage Enterprise Data. Efficiently.

  1. Build Pipelines

  2. Prepare Data

  3. Deploy Datasets

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Arimo's Solutions

  • Telecommunications

    • Customer Churn Prevention
    • Network Performance Monitoring
    • Call Records Analysis
  • Financial Services

    • Credit Scoring
    • Know Your Customer/360° View
    • Fraud Detection
  • Manufacturing

    • Predictive Maintenance
    • Yield Management
    • WIP Optimization
    • Supply Chain Optimization
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